Interview with Lambda Internet


Colgate and AirAsia were amongst some of Lambda Internet’s earliest customers. How did Lambda Internet manage to onboard such big names?


Colgate and AirAsia became InsightzClub’s customers back in 2017. AirAsia first contacted Lambda for an engagement in Macao, while for Colgate it was for dishwashing liquid.


Both engagements went incredibly well as they realised they could save up to 40% of time taken in making marketing decisions. They also got significantly accurate and representative results from InsightzClub to drive data-driven marketing. These first few engagements enabled them to see the immense value proposition of InsightzClub, and also compelled them to build a longer partnership with us.


At the recent Market Research in a Mobile World (MRMW) conference and the Qual360 conference in 2019, InsightzClub was invited to share their experience in partnering with AirAsia and Colgate. Lambda has seen a 30% referral rate of customers to others, as well as a 12x revenue YOY since 2017 – proving that they are gaining momentum in the start-up scene.


Why should investors invest in InsightzClub and ShopzSmart?


Both the solutions help to close the loop in the marketing journey and solve the huge disconnect between marketing spends and sales outcomes. In terms of the product and technology, the company is building proprietary machine learning/AI algorithm to build a competitive moat in the market.


Moreover, InsightzClub is backed by USD 1.9 million of sales delivered in 2019, with ~40 paying customers such as Colgate, British Tobacco, AirAsia, UOB, Club Med, and so on. The traction is testimony to the robust market adoption. Having previously gone through an accelerator (Muru-D/Telstra) and finished raising an initial seed round, the company has also received significant investor validation.


In terms of exits, considering InsightzClub’s excellent traction, we see high potential acquisition exits in the next 2-3 years. For ShopzSmart, there is an opportunity to continuing building it long-term and exit over a 5-6 year horizon.


Investors keen on Lambda should rest assured knowing that the founding team has deep domain expertise in the space. Having worked in companies like Lazada, Nielsen WPP and IPG Mediabrands across e-commerce, data science, consumer insights and digital marketing, the Lambda team are perfectly positioned to execute and work towards their vision.


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